POETRY : I'm the loser by Surabhi Parvatikar

When I kiss you, I forget everything,
Except the niggling feeling you've done this before

The same passion, the same intensity,
Probably demonstrated differently,

But it's there, in the taste of you, in the breath of you,
In your sighs, barely heard,

I'd like to believe it's special for that moment,
Unwarranted, unhinged, unified.

But you go back to your wife, and
I lay with the memory of you,

Knowing you remember me while you make love,
To her, with your whole being, thinking of me,

Messed up love, deep and hurtful, 
We rationalise it, but it's a game,

I'll never win. I'll never win your daily routine,
I'll never win your daily angst or boredom,

That's purely the territory of the one,
You continue to choose over me.

About the poet: 
Surabhi loves books, music, travel, animals, and some few people. She is a corporate slave, good cook, better foodie, lover of all things weird and vintage, and a hoarder of beer bottle caps. Awful at verbally expressing something that truly matters, she seeks refuge in the written word, hoping to get better at that every day.

((Photo by Meghan Holmes))