POETRY: Baghjan by Dr. Barnali Sikder


A place - unknown 

People -unknown

Their plight

That too is unknown 

Their suffering 

Is unknown for sure.

As nobody cares to speak up 

For those houses burnt

For those fields turned into ashes

For those animals and birds 

Who couldn’t rescue their lives 

from the fire as it trashes.

Nobody really cares for humans too 

As villagers are running

Out of their homes

Out of their land 

Out of their life.

Running as fast as they can 

To a safer place.


Probably from the fire

So they look back with tears in their eyes

Then ...again move ahead.

In anticipation of a future 

That won’t be as smoky as today.

About the Poet 
Dr Barnali Sikder is an assistant professor in the department of English, Janata College, Serfanguri, Assam. She has completed her PhD from Bodoland University.  She is the author of the book Womanhood and Marginality. She has contributed poems in many online platforms. Her poems got included in ebooks like Monsoon Moods and Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining , published by Muse India. She has edited Aaijw: The woman, a yearly journal published by the women’s cell of Janata college, Serfanguri. She has contributed articles in many national and international journals and participated in national and international conferences.


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