POETRY : Before the Ashes by Kuldeep Rai

As I am unveiled and verbed all along,

Through the words and the its world thereon,

As I stand naked cocooned in drapes of their doing,

I fight along to yell, I am not them.

All I am is a man of my making,

and not the men as in men,

Yet my "yells" simply whimper down the aisle,

Among sets in sets of mind sets,

Along grave givings of misgiving,

And scars beyond the conduit to scare,

What's engraved in paper by us,

is etched in into many of you,

And " I understand " cannot be enough,

There has been deeds of decay,

There is the stumping thuds of taunts and tease,

There is the gaze of a gourmet of the MEN is us,

And you a dish in plates of skirt, 

In silvers and saree, and nothing more,

All I am is a man of my making,

I am more of my mother's care,

I am more my sister's sacrifice,

I am more my wife's wedded,

I am love of lovers,

I am one among many.

We are man among men,

Not the verbal voices of shame,

Nor the type to be cast as stereotype,

Not the waste of the whimsical world,

So do hear me, when I hmm,

Some of us are in umm,

There is a fight in me everyday,

When I hear the cry,

When I stoop but see,

But turn around and let it be,

I am no true warrior of war,

But war i do fight each day,

For her is no hearsay,

She is me, she is everyone.

She is the forest before the fire, As I am ashes to the tree of it.

About the poet : Dr. Kuldeep Rai is an extension official working at the grassroots towards farmers welfare and sustainable  farming. He is a product of the Himalayas in person and in parts. Writing to him  is not just a tool of expression but also reflection.


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