CREATIVE FICTION : Memories of the past by Saanvi Naveen Kana

Cedric was lying on the floor wrapped up in several blankets and fluffy cushions. His Bedroom was messy as usual and a bit of the sky was visible through the window. It was cool, clear blue like the feathers of a brilliant tree swallow. It reminded him of his sister Celine, her blue eyes and her cold fixed stare. But now was not the time to dwell on the matter. He wondered if they were hundreds or even thousands of miles from each other, she was lost two years ago. Cedric felt a mixture of sadness and desperation to shut her image from his head. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he collapsed on his bed wondering what had gotten into him. Cedric had to decide whether to weep and wail about the past or to move on and find Celine, perhaps he would find her someday and bring her back home.

In the Afternoon that day Cedric ran from Uncle Rob’s house down the cobbled- up street to an old café, Coffee Town. When he stepped in, the young boy smelt the aroma of roasting coffee beans and he gave a sigh of relief. As he walked closer to the counter, Cedric was greeted by Uncle Tom, the coffee shop owner who happens to be his father’s old friend. “Hello, young man, how have you been?” asked Uncle Tom looking worried. “I’ve been alright, Uncle Tom.” Mumbled Cedric. “Right, why not have a seat son?” “I have just baked a fresh loaf of Banana Bread and Cinnamon Rolls; I’ll get you your favourite in a minute!” said Uncle Tom rushing past him to attend his other customers. “Thanks Uncle!” said Cedric waving his hand.  

He noticed an empty table facing the beach which his family would often go to have a lovely time. He immediately sat on the seat and watched the sea. The vast water body danced more merrily than ever. It looked cool and satisfying. He watched the sun set behind the horizon and the sea looked so inviting. Uncle Tom swooped over to him with a glass of water and Cedric’s favourite Cinnamon Roll, He ruffled Cedric’s thick hair and walked away to the kitchens. Cedric took one look at the cinnamon roll and turned his attention to the glass of water. Cedric put his finger into the glass of water and his mind began to swirl with the memories. He kept gazing at the way water moved and the way it danced, it was cool and pleasant. He kept thinking of the dripping sound when it rained and the way when it slipped through his fingers. It was clear and cold. It was a blissful time whenever water was around him, he never had time to appreciate how wonderful it was. Cedric quietly watched the water, then he pushed his finger deeper into it. The water quivered, shook and wobbled. Suddenly Cedric felt a prickling pain in his heart, he rushed out of the cafe without eating the Cinnamon Rolls while uncle Rob looked at him with a worried expression on his face. 

He ran to the beach; the sky was brilliant red and orange. As Cedric walked on the soft white sand, he felt a wave of water splashing on his boots. Cedric took off his wet boots and kept them on a dry boulder nearby. Soon he was back to the water, walking as the water crept on his feet. Tired of strolling, Cedric sat down to rest. Suddenly he noticed that he was far away from the familiar place he was ten minutes ago.  As he looked around, he noticed shadows and figures around him. Cedric saw different people sitting on the sand, kids playing games and building sandcastles. Cedric was staring around at everyone, and with a sudden flood of energy he pushed his hand through a child playing with a girl who had sharp blue eyes. The child did not move; he continued playing as though he hadn’t noticed anything. Soon he realized that the little kid was himself in the past, this was a memory which he had tried to keep safely. Cedric then realized for the first time after his parents had died that he was all alone, his only companion his little sister Celine was also lost when she was four years old. Desperate to hold the hot tears which were stinging in his eyes, Cedric tried to run as far away from the beach as he could but he wasn’t looking at where he was going and with a sudden gush of cold-water Cedric lost his balance and toppled into the sea. The mighty waves dragged him deeper and Cedric did not know how to swim he began to cough and splutter, waving his arms and screaming. He screamed and shouted for help but no one was around. Slowly he began to feel heaviness in his cotton clothes, and he was pulled down by the force of the sea. He desperately thought to himself “I will not make it out of this alive….” for the last time he wanted to cling on to his beautiful memories of his complete family and then everything went blank.

Two days later, Cedric woke up to find himself in a warm room with heavy curtains and a crackling fireplace. There were five other beds . He looked around his bed wondering where he is. Looking around he felt confused, as it was an unknown place. Slowly he recollected what had happened on the beach and wondered where he was. He started to look around and rushed to the door. Suddenly he heard the footsteps, so he ran back to his bed pretending he was asleep. The door opened and he heard the footsteps approaching him. He heard the voice of a man and women talking to each other. 

“ Dr.Greg , how is the boy today?” asked the woman. 

“He should be fine Ms. Elodie, I don’t see anything serious. I will be coming to check on him this afternoon again. Did the police find anything about him?” asked the doctor.
“They think he is from new Partsia. He was found floating from that direction you see. They are still trying to find out who his parents are.” said Ms.Elodie.
“Good, I must get going. I have a busy day ahead. Well then, have a nice day” said Dr.Greg.
“Thank you doctor, you have been very helpful” said Ms. Elodie.

Cedric heard the door snap behind the doctor. He got off the bed and peeped out of the door. He saw many children giggling and shouting outside the door. Then he saw a very dark-haired girl walking in his direction. The girl entered the room with her friends. The door hit Cedric’s nose and he squealed in distress as the kids opened the door suddenly. “Ohh… you finally woke up said the dark haired girl. Let me go and get Ms.Elodie ” she said and ran to inform. The girl returned in no time with the plump lady who had a kind round face and a chubby little hand.

As soon as she saw him she said “My dear, You have finally woken up. I was so worried about you. What’s your name dear? Where are you from? Are you feeling any better? You were found drowning in the sea yesterday. Thankfully coastguards managed to save you on time” She blurted out so fast that Cedric was confused for a minute.

Then he hesitantly replied “I am Cedric Johnson. I am from New Partsia. I live with my uncle Rob. I am feeling a bit tired but fine otherwise.”
Ms.Elodie gave a sigh of relief and asked “Son ,the police have been looking for your relative, can you make their job a bit easier by sharing some details on your uncle so that they can get in touch with him quickly.”

“Of course, my uncle will be very worried by now. I didn’t realise. But where am I?” asked Cedric.” You are in Bradley village, it’s a little island. And this place is called The little Hamilton orphanage. Yesterday when you were rescued by the coast guards the police authorities requested to keep you here until they can find your parents or guardians. You can stay here till your uncle comes to take you home. I need to rush and inform the authorities that you have an Uncle” said Ms Elodie turning to look at the children.
“Now be good to him, children, make him feel comfortable’’ she said and left the room in a hurry.

Suddenly the children surrounded him and started asking questions. “what’s your name?’’ “why do you have such big eyes?” “Are you going to stay with us?” Is new Partia really big? “
All these questions made him smile, but to the children he looked politely confused. Cedric found it amusing and wondered why these children did not know about new Partia and slowly started answering these funny questions. After a long time, he was enjoying himself in the company of new children so much.

Then suddenly one of the boys said “hey, Cedric its time for breakfast, do you want to join us? The little ones have finished eating and now its our turn. The young ones are in the garden now, we will show you around later. Let’s go’’ he said enthusiastically. Cedric agreed as his stomach started making rumbling sounds. As they entered the dining hall Cedric watched the little ones leaving the dining hall. He had a feeling though that he saw a pair of blue eyes. He decided to ignore it, after what that thought had done to him, he wouldn’t think of it. While Cedric was deep in his thoughts his new friends had already taken their seats. Cedric took a seat and quietly finished milk and sandwiches served by the cook.

“Come on Cedric, let's go to the garden. We have been growing tomatoes, cucumber and onions. Today we are plucking tomatoes. Come and have a look’’ the boy next to him. The boy hands him a large basket and they all go out to the garden. They start plucking out red tomatoes but Cedric kept on breaking the stems of the plant while plucking.

’’Ohhh..I am not used to these things .Why don’t I look around , I see the little ones over there. Let me have a look at what they are doing” said Cedric. ‘’Ok’’ they all replied.

Cedric walked around the little ones watching them play hide and seek. One girl with honey blonde hair was counting and other kids rushing away from her, hiding behind the bushes or trees. Cedric turned his attention to the girl who now finished counting and turned around to look for other children. Cedric felt his heart stop for a minute. He looked into the pair of blue eyes which had been haunting him for the past two years. Cedric was so stunned that no sound came from his mouth. Suddenly without thinking he called out “Celine…. ’’and the little girl stopped dead in her tracks recognising the voice. She looked around and then saw him. Her face showed shock, surprise and happiness through and through. With the sudden realization she jumped, hopped and screamed his name ‘Ced .. Ced…Ceeeeeddd ’’ and came rushing towards stunned Cedric. He stood rooted to the spot stretching out his hands to cuddle his little sister in a tight hug in disbelief, thanking all his stars and thinking that maybe his parents were watching over them.

About the Writer: 

Saanvi Naveen Kana is a ten year old day dreamer who loves to read,paint,write,sing and spend time with her kitten Mia when she is not sailing in her  own imaginary happy world.Spending her early childhood in Bengaluru, India and then in Hong Kong, she is currently residing in Malaysia with her parents and grandma. Living in different countries has helped her to discover and interact with different people,cultures and traditions which in turn has helped her to open her mind and heart to the whole new world which she expresses through her stories ,essays and poems. She loves her extended family and creating beautiful memories during her summer holidays in India with her goofy cousin brother, doting grandparents and two adorable canines is her most favourite thing in the world.


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