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FEATURED WRITER Dheapika V's 'Finding My Home – The Unfolding Journey of Life'

The question of where I truly feel at home has been a continuous puzzle, lingering in my mind for a while. It's a constant whisper, persistently pulling my thoughts. Throughout the years, the definition of home has shifted for me. During my school days, home was the warmth of my family – my parents, sister and grandfather. It was a small world where the air was filled with the delightful aroma of mom's cooking. My dad engrossed in reading newspapers, my grandfather catching up with world events on the news, and my sister immersed in her playtime. As the years passed, I stepped out of my little cocoon after high school. The first destination was the college hostel rooms, where diverse cultures, ambitions and aspirations converged. The hostel rooms were filled with late-night conversations, laughter, midnight snacks and watching movies painted the picture of my college life. After long hours of lectures and lab sessions, my hostel room transformed into a comforting home, shared w

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