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FEATURED WRITER : Soujanya Indugu's 'I want to be a child again'

  I want to be a child again.  I am a 30-something housewife currently raising a 7-year-old girl. Kids this age ask many questions regarding their parents' childhood with a lot of curiosity. So you unintentionally take a trip down memory lane and shuffle through nostalgic memories. As my kid is at an age where we are creating foundational memories... my child-like mind in an adult body wants to be a child again. I believe it's essential to live in the present and devour each moment of it. Life is unpredictable, yet I am here with this song in my heart.   I want to be a child again.  With not a care about what is happening in the world outside my home. Sleeping like a baby.  I want to be a child again.  Play endless indoor games and cards with my family. Play Antakshari with my family and sing loud songs without a care in the world when the power is out.  I want to be a child again.  Not responsible for anybody but yourself . You are with yourself each second.  I want to be a ch

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