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FEATURED WRITER Dr Bhakti Murkey Sisodia's Universal Love

                                                                    L ove has its funny ways. We seldom know when we fall into it. We may never know whether we stay in it, fall out of it or perhaps experience the transformation it brings in us, invoking the very best or worst of ourselves. But what truly is love? Is it the sense of belongingness we feel with our near and dear ones? Is it the magic of hormones creating passion and attraction between bodies? Is it the warmth of pure friendships and togetherness? Is it the premonition that precedes lasting companionships? Or is it simply the raw emotion that mothers feel in every inch of their souls for the little lives they nourish inside their wombs before holding them into their arms? Perhaps it is all of the above. Some loves are mandatory, like biological. We may feel hatred for our loved ones but simultaneously are bound to love them deep within, perhaps by nature of biological (blood) association or by virtue of shared chunks of li

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