POETRY: All that you need by Maya Philip

Oh you darling little thing...
How much more you've yet to see
There's an enormous world outside mama's wing
And so much more that you will be.

Oh you naive little thing...
People may not be what they seem
You might not like what they bring
Deception might be the overwhelming theme.

Oh you broken little thing...
Many a failure will come and go
You might find yourself outside the ring
But bit by bit, you'll conquer each blow.

Oh you lovestruck little thing...
Your heart maybe taken for granted
You might think love doesn't have its zing
Don't let yourself be disenchanted.

Oh you timorous little thing...
Your body and colour are just a fragment of you
Words demeaning them should not sting
To those people, just bid adieu.

Oh you selfless little thing...
Happiness may seem just a state of heart
But yours is vital to which you should cling
Give it priority, set it apart.

Oh you quiet little thing...
Stand firmly in what you believe
You alone are your own queen and king
Strength is something that you should weave.

Oh have I confused you, little thing...
The world is not a steep downward slope
Breathe, believe in yourself and just sing

For all you need is a little HOPE.

About the Poet : 
From scribbling down shopping lists to penning down random musings, Maya Philip has realised that dabbling in writing is the surest way to unwind. An orthodontist by profession, her daily doings also include being a mother to her threenager.


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