POETRY : Poems on Hope by Eivine Renny

Hope- The Aubade Beam

Hope is the aubade beam
That strikes on the verdant turf
Breaking through the dawns of glory 
Reminding you again and again
Of yet another chance
To smile, to love and to live
Let us embrace this chance
And tell someone how much they mean
To apologize for that mistake 
To take steps to rectify the mistakes
To hug and whisper “you are precious”
To kiss a little bit more and long
To goof around and play
To laugh out loud and be silly
To follow the erratic path of the butterfly
To learn new things
To forget the pains
To put behind the failures
To live life a bit more
Each dawn ushers in the glow of sol
And, with each beam of sol
You get another chance to love
Another chance to live
Another chance to rectify
Another chance to succeed
And, another chance to smile!

The Wings Of Hope
I ride on the wings of hope
Rising up from the flames of torments
Melting down the glaciers of betrayal
Fighting the torrents of tears
Pushing away the arrows of taunts
Burying the pangs of guilt
For, I know, I believe
That hope resides there
That hope awaits me
To soothe my wounded soul
To caress my battered heart
To embrace my withered vivacity
To kiss my tainted soul
To whisper in my ears
There is hope, there is joy for you!
There is hope, there is life for you!

Beacons Of Hope

When chilly cold winters meet the picturesque and radiant spring,

A beauteous flower breaks the crystals of ice free

When glorious crimson red sun rises up in the cracks of dawn,

An illuminant ray of light breaks the deep black pages of midnight free

When pearls of raindrops hit the barren lands,

The starving broken grounds quench ages of thirst free

When aspirations and dreams glisten,

The chains of nightmares and sufferings break free

When nature symbolises beacons of hope,

Preconceptions of the soul breaks free to find a new shore!

About the writer:

Eivine Renny, a writer who swears
by the power of words. She breathes poetry and is an insane lover of words. She believes in the magic of poetry and always turns to poetry as her confidante whom she can trust above anyone else! Mom of 2, content marketer and an insane brewer of emotions!


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