FEATURED WRITER Sharanya Ganesh Kumar's Owning my power

Having worked for his dream company for thirteen years, my husband who loves to travel across the oceans and discover a different world was more than happy when he got the offer to work at the Corporate office of his company in, in Germany.

As a family we were excited as this was going to be our second international assignment as a family. So, we began focusing on sorting and packing for the move back to India first and then to Germany. But then, we were filled with many questions in our mind regarding the move as a family. The crucial issues were
1.    Finding a suitable house as soon as we move with two toddlers
2.    Moving during the extreme winter.
3.    A complete switch over in culture, food, language all at once
4.    Applying a visa for my mother in law who stayed permanently with us after my father in law’s demise.

This being the discussion for quite a few evenings, we decided that only my husband would go first and start his new role at work. We would follow him later on, not knowing exactly when it would be.

Though a tough decision it looked sensible enough keeping all the odds in mind. January 2019 was a new phase for me in my husband’s native land with my kids and mom in law. After bidding farewell with a heavy heart but a wide smile, wishing him all the best, we returned home comforting the upset kids who missed their father already.

This was when I realised that my children needed both the parents during their childhood to be loved, cared and nurtured into beautiful human beings. My younger daughter was in the course of settling down in India, as she had not stayed here since her birth. She had respiratory allergies, refused to eat well and was missing her dad. But we successfully crossed this phase with the concern and care from my homeopathic Doctor friend, truly an angel in disguise to me and my kids.

Meanwhile, my husband reached the new land safely and began work. Simultaneously he started with the arrangements for our arrival. He missed us as much as we him but he always cheered us on saying we would join him soon. He also told me that I needed to learn the new language for an easier Integration in the new land.

I found myself in a new regime that focused on clean eating and an exercise routine and now, this language learning task! I welcomed this with a smile. We had two kids at home 24/7 as we had decided to not put them in school and make them confused on different schooling systems in a short span of time. I saw them happy and entertained and slowly drifting out of their routine that I tried to strictly enforce.

My language class was for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I would complete some household chores and leave for class, my mom-in-law took over the rest and graciously helped in taking care of the kids in spite of her minor health issues. I was busy and stressed, but I loved being active and on my toes. On some days I took my elder one for a basic language class so that she could begin her schooling with some ease. My roller coaster ride was in full spirits. Every day posed a new challenge for me and I went to bed with a new learning and more confidence.

Meanwhile, I was tested for the new language I was learning and I did that successfully. This is when I realised and was awestruck of how powerful and able, I could be among so much chaos and responsibilities. I had always idolized my mother, a woman who handled the family in all ways managing everything so effectively and beautifully. I was proud that I too was now like her.

All those days when I felt lonely my mom, dad, my brother and a bunch of my family kept my spirits high. My husband always made sure that he was with me with all the supporting words through his numerous phone calls.

A woman can attain all that she desires when she truly begins the journey of discovering herself in the complete sense. Pushing herself ahead of all the odds she comes alive, roaring fiercely and beautifully like a lioness!

Our visas are stamped and we fly in August. My husband will be here in a few days after six long months. I am thrilled and excited at my transformation into the strong-willed woman I am now. After childbirth I felt useless as I didn’t find an opportunity to work. I felt like I was a failure. I hurled abuses at myself. But now I am positive and I have found a new love in writing that is going to be my long-term goal that will keep me satisfied. I have realized that for me making dollars is not important when you are positive to fetch a million-dollar smile in every way of yours.

About the Writer :
Sharanya Ganesh Kumar is a teacher by profession and a full-time mother of two by choice. After living out of India for the past three years she has now switched to a career in writing and blogging. She is currently working on sharpening her writing skills.  

Sharanya decided to work on her writing through a Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop with Shweta, the editor of Inkspire. This piece is what Sharanya wrote with after six weeks of working on her non-fiction writing skills. Sharanya had this to say about the workshop experience -

'When I was sitting and brooding on how to start writing, I came across Shweta’s page on Instagram and began to follow her Wednesdays videos for writers. Later on, when I expressed my idea of starting a blog, she told me about this workshop. I enrolled myself even though I had many things in hand as part of my relocation. I found this to be a mental retreat as it was fun to learn with Shweta. She is a super positive motivator. She gives feedback like a sugar candy and it never makes us feel bad. Her attitude made me more inclined to work on my writing. I am very lucky I got trained by her and I owe much to her!'


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