POETRY : My Tigress by Mohamed Yasin

What are those brightly painted claws and witty teeth for?
Sometimes to caress the endearing;
Sometimes to strike a sweeping blow.

 Is she the Tigress?

She, who blends herself through the Grasslands of chaos, yes, with a stealthy move.
She, who swims across the Swampy River, with her astounding strength.
Is she the Tigress?
She who mends her way on her toes,
O yes, with a beautiful rhythmic gait.
She, who knows to survive the scorching life fire, is wise and wary of the flames.
 She, who got her instincts right, to go for her kill;
An exemplary and lasting one.
Is she the Tigress?
She prepares her hind legs for an impressive jump.
 Her waggly tail is absolutely still… now to give her grasp.
 A singular moment away from the beginning of a celebratory saga…
She, who is strong and confident,
Fluidic and dynamic,
Beautiful and brave, leaps for it now...
Yes, she is my TIGRESS.

About the poet 
Mohamed Yasin hailing from the Southern tip of the Western Ghats is an Engineer by profession and is passionate about literature. He penned this for his fiancée's birthday.


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