POETRY : The New You by Dhivia Vinodkumar

A little girl once skipped along,

She sang out loud, her heart full of song,
‘Shush now child, you sound absurd’
‘Good girls are seen and never heard’
So she skipped along, now without a sound,
Her tiny voice, firmly drowned.

‘Little girl, your eyes are bright,

But your skin is nearly the colour of night!
You’ll never be noticed, you won’t get a glance,
And as for Prince Charming? Not a chance!’
And the little girl, what else could she do,
But pray to the heavens to become the right hue.

‘Little girl, enough with your art,

None of that will ever make you smart,
The world only respects those white collars,
Get to your books, now don’t make me holler!’
So she made them proud and did what was ‘right’
While the artist in her quietly died.

‘Now little girl, listen to me.

I’ll tell exactly how to be, 
You must not frown and please don’t fret,
To fit in, you often must forget,
The person you were – the wrong shade and size,
And embrace the new you – now perfect to my eyes.’

About the Poet:

Dhivia Vinodkumar is a dentist who loves all things creative. She is especially inspired by people that turn their creativity into a living, She is a mother of two who sketches, blogs and writes in her spare time.


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