EDITORIAL : Shweta Ganesh Kumar on 'Love is Love'

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the final issue of Inkspire for this year. After starting off with an inaugural issue that was all about taking a ‘Leap of Faith’ and another that urged you to ‘Hear Her Roar’, I am back with the simple declaration, ‘Love is Love.’

Why ‘Love is Love’ as a theme you might ask?
Only because love is the theme that almost every creative writer has been inspired by. And when I say love, I do not only mean romantic love, but love in all its myriad forms and shapes and versions.

And this is what you will see in this issue from the writers who took it upon themselves to respond to this call.
Interpretations of this theme vary from loving oneself to loving humanity.
From unrequited love to illicit love.
From love between family members to the love of a city.

It was a pleasure to go through the submissions that came in and it is my privilege to feature them on Inkspire. As always, there are a lot of first-time writers who are baring their souls for the first time. Please do take the time to leave them a comment or share their story if it strikes a chord. I also have writers that I have worked with and published before and I’m so glad that they have submitted again, proving to me that I did a good job of being gentle with their creations and critique so that they know Inkspire is a safe space for aspiring Indian writers.

Thank you for dropping in to read this labour of love.

Happy Reading!

Shweta Ganesh Kumar



  1. Inkspire is indeed inspiring. I came to know about it because my friend Rekha Varanasi's poem Eternity in this wasLove is Love was shared with me


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