POETRY: Just keep moving by Amruta Prakash

That unsettling feeling
At the pit of your stomach
Darkness , fear
And that deafening negativity
Your voice shakes
Eyes full of tears
You go over
Every decision, every turn you ever took
Every bridge you
Ever crossed
And every bridge you ever burned

You question
Your every thought
Until the point of insanity

You mull over a million regrets
Million promises you made yourself
And broke the very next day

You are drowning now,
You can't feel your body
As it sinks down
To the bottomless pit

You take a breath
And loosen yourself to take your last one
Eyes closed
One breath
Last breath

But stop!
Hold on!
Hang on!
It's not over yet
It's not the time
To give up

Charting through water
Flap your hands
Float, swim for your life
Breathe, keep breathing

Even if you don't
Touch the shore
Swim for the fun of it
Even if you don't make it to a boat
Keep floating with the waves

Hold on to the last glimmer of hope
Even if there seems to be none

Soon enough
Very soon
You will make it
Till then,
Just keep moving

About the Poet:
Amruta Nandini Prakash is a Social Sector Professional from Mumbai. After working for 12 years in various roles she is currently on an indefinite sabbatical. Mother to a 3 year old, Amruta is a news junkie with a passion for politics, photography , reading and feminism. Her multiple passions and penchant to try something new come together when she writes in Marathi and English. Follow her on instagram @amusky. 


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