POETRY : My everlasting hope by Maithri Arunkumar

I hoped Amma would make my favourite snack
I hoped Appa would come home soon
I hoped Ajji would hug me
I hoped Ajja would tell me stories.
I hoped to be loved.

I hoped to make good friends
I hoped my doubts would be cleared
I hoped to get one extra mark
I hoped to secure that seat.
I hoped to learn.

I hoped to get that deal done
I hoped to get promoted
I hoped to buy a house
I hoped to give to charity
I hoped to achieve.

I hoped he would look at me
I hoped we would take long walks
I hoped society would approve
I hoped to tie the knot
I hoped for marriage.

I hoped for a positive test
I hoped for a heartbeat
I hoped for a smooth birth
I hoped for a sweet little cry.
I hoped to have a family.

I was loved,
I learnt
I achieved
I married
And now I have my family.

I still hope.

I hope to love
To teach
To motivate
To support
And to accept.
But for now,
I hope for a good night's sleep
To wake up to the cutest smile
And the warmest hugs
I hope to be the best mother I can be.

About the Writer  
Maithri Arunkumar is a Jane of many trades, but mostly a compassionate doctor, a passionate dancer, an over thinker of sorts, an avid reader with an undying love for words, grammar and languages. She is also a new mom to a 5-month-old whom she hopes to raise as a reader like her.