POETRY : Tomorrow by Sammy Sahni

In life we get reasons to groan and crib, it has a new twist on every turn
A feeling creeps in, of helplessness and grief
Is it all dark and dreary? Is there no light at the end of the tunnel?
Will this test never end? 
As I break down seeing no relief.
Pages of a book flutter before me. There, in black and white are the answers I seek.
For it’s always the written word that guides to the inner world,
Devoid of ego and material desires, you revel in proclaiming your truth.
A hidden voice never heard, appears when the pen touches the paper.
How long will you try not to hear it? 
The words unsaid, will travel through another realm into your dreams and shatter your slumber.
Living a façade all your life, how far will you run?
The call is so deep, it cannot go amiss, peel every layer that you fashioned.
Feel the pain of finding your real nature, witness your emergent stature.
The roads are dark and deep, the vision blurry concealed by haze.
I can feel the flame aflutter as I breathe in and shake out of the daze.
Running blindly on the same road brings the realisation; you can reach the destination by just staying still.
So have you tried feeling the flow of life, as it merges with you?
 Let go of all your burdens, weighing you down for years.
The cares and woes of yonder that make you incessantly ponder.
Nothing but thoughts that bring in the heaviness, let go and watch them lose their power.
As they bring in your heart, joy and gladness.
Why pray, you desire to carry such encumbrance?
Life is not a maze but a simple string of words, to relish and acquaint with.
The thoughts when penned down or uttered have the power to ascend or scathe.
Choose the might with care and caution for what you sow in the mind’s garden,
Our hopes such harvest of affliction reap.
The pain so raw, yet we inflict upon us year after in the hope of finding the one true love.
Stop searching it in the hollowed forms, do not run after transience. 
That you seek is right inside you, feel its feeble sighs that promise permanence.
Grasp on it tight and never let go, for few are blessed by its presence in one lifetime.
Acknowledge it; do not try to clasp it for it’s free like a bird.
Release all inhibitions and learn to soar high without any fear or hate.
Feeling liberated; whirl as the wind blows your hair.
The familiar tunes replenish your entire being; rejoice in your final homecoming.
The soul yearning to be freed, nurturing that we forget to give, quenched the thirst that has been there for years
Life so beautiful that we fail to see, under the smoke of the branches that burnt
Out bursts a new leaf full of promises, a new morrow awaits!

 About the Poet: 
Sammy Sahni is a writer and consultant specialising in creating digital content to help clients build their personal brand online through her company - Social Dragonfly. She strongly believes in the power of community building and heads a Facebook and Watsapp group for women – ‘Womenfolk of Hyd’.She also conducts workshops for children to spread awareness about Safe and Unsafe Touch as part of NGO Sayfty. She recently self published her book of poems called “Iridescence” that is themed on her personal growth, healing and spiritual journey. 


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