CREATIVE FICTION : Harbinger of Goodness by Sandhya Selvam


From one dark tunnel to another? Will I ever see light in my life? Wait, there is no time to waddle in self pity now because I only have half an hour’s time to be a harbinger of something amazing or to dissolve in a sea of commons. I am on a mission. I am committed to a sacred oath to thrive and bring joy and purpose and hence my race of attrition begins now. But, I have so many qualms about this. Am I the chosen one? Will I be able to accomplish this insurmountable task? Or, will I become a fragment of an unknown and insignificant droplet in an ocean filled with my fellow brothers – all perked up to start the race? God knows, no erase that, the Universe knows. Don’t look back – Rise and flourish.

   I am swimming now and my body starts to burn. I know what this is! Acidic fluids planted by the Queen Bee herself. I should slide and glide past this hurdle or I am going to melt like wax. Like an ice- skating champion, I ease past the acid flow and move on along the dark dense parts of the pathway. It is really dark and my locomotion is being hindered by something sticky-icky. The floor is smothered with coats of honey to trap me. Your maze gets interesting, Queen Bee! But, I will prove to you that I am not futile. Lifting my body, I soar up high like a kite. Don’t look back – Rise and flourish.  

  What is happening? Who are these tiny people in white cars? Are those sirens on top of the cars, I see? Oh! She is unleashing her police force on me! Most of my brothers are being arrested and taken away. Fast, bend, hide, smooth as a butter. So long, Law and Order. When your eyes are set on the prize, will you ever give up? We are born with a single goal etched in every fragment of our being and we will die lest trying. Plausible enough, Queen?

  I come across strings of pale white molecules like a chain of train compartments and immediately hop on for a ride. I am nearing the gates and very nervous. I am going to meet her. Don’t look back – Rise and flourish.

    I stare down at the palace in incredulity. The gate is uniquely shaped and makes anyone drop their jaw in awe; there are no pillars or balustrades or at least visibly so. It is mystical, indeed. I am apprehensive about going in. Should I? Risk of dying or miss seeing the Queen? Don’t look back – Rise and flourish. I nudge the door, it doesn’t open. I bang, hit, kick, plow through. Plow, plow, plow, plow. It is harder than I thought it would be. This is my destiny and I have come this far not to let the icy exterior of a gate to end it all. What are you here for? I hear a voice. I have vowed for a life- transforming, pure, soul changing journey for my – harder, harder, harder. I hear her mocking laughter. Shrills of it. Don’t look back – Rise and flourish.

  Light flashes through my eyes like embers of tiny fire flies all fluttering around which is nothing short of a dramatic introduction to a majestic beauty. The Queen Bee. I hold my breath and huff and puff. Look at her! Sitting on a heavy throne, a smile hitherto unknown about the mad rush out there to reach her, she is waiting for the ONE.

  “Incredible! The trip to parenthood is official now”, she says. Don’t look back – Rise and flourish.

About the Writer 

Sandhya Selvam lives in Mumbai with her husband and their baby girl. Apart from enjoying Motherhood, she is an avid reader and an occasional writer. She believes that evolution of a person begins from within.
She has written for previous issues of Inkspire and you can read the pieces here and here