POETRY : Once a Mumma, Always a Warrior by Mahalaxmi

Amidst the chaos of life right now 

I was busy praying and protecting her, and how 
Until one day when she came to me with moist twinkling eyes
And asked me in her innocent voice 
“Mumma is the world going to end, 
Something is going to happen to us? Are we going to die?
Now soaked in those flowing tears
My heart just broke and nothing else I could hear 
It aches to see my princess cry in fear
Nothing else does matter at this moment
How could I not foresee and prevent? 
Off goes the TV, kept those mobiles away
I had to put myself to healing her straightaway 
After all, I was her only silver lining
I made her believe Mumma mends everything 
I cocoon her and console her saying 
With little precautions we are alright
Nothing will end and no one will die
But in my head are all my fears just for life 
Raising their ugly head showing the knife 
Fighting these fears for my little princess here
With my Mumma armour on, I’m standing tall
Fears can never take any or all.
Life, as I know, is about acting like a wall
If required it is me who will take the fall
Seeing her Mumma the bravest of all 
The princess is back to being her happy self 
Making her fears seem like an elf 
No matter what, that’s all I want in this life
Let the princess live away from strife
It’s a tough job Mumma has fixing others
While her hands are shaking in terror
On the days when a smile hurts
She at times bursts out in laughter
When does she ever get time to heal?
Bleeding away while wounds of everyone she seals
Never letting the princess cry in vain 
Mumma quietly hides her pain 
She is powerful she is strong
Never gives up and fights on
She is tough, she is true
Always stands her ground and does get through
She is adamant and proud 
Shows no doubt and roars loud
Such is the life a Mumma has 
Giving everything and all that jazz
Quietly doing what it takes 
Shielding her princess from the poisonous snakes 
It’s only her love that’s never fallen short
A source of our much-needed support 
We grew up all along 
Leaving behind her lullaby song
The strength of her love and care 
For the princess in this world is so rare
The fighter so strong who won’t budge
Giving her shoulder much needed a nudge
Until the princess has her share 
Of a world that is just fair
When the times change as they are
She never stops saying that you are my favourite star
With the strength in us that she kneads
How will we ever succeed?
Fighting for you in the hard times
With those few left dimes
In this one life she has so many roles
Touched with her love are all the souls
Who in the world would disagree?
Is there any warrior better than she?
She is for herself nevermore
Once a Mumma always a warrior to the core.

About the poet 
Mahalaxmi is a retail consultant. A foodie, an avid traveller, she draws inspiration from her childhood travelling exodus with her parents and her lovely siblings. Currently on a sabbatical from the corporate world to focus on herself and feed her passions.


  1. Awesome thoughts ..keep it flowing..

  2. Wow !!! Superb Mahalaxmi !!! Keep going

  3. Amazing Mahalaxmi... How I was wishing I had words to put my motherhood in words and you did exactly that. Good luck!!

  4. Superb fantastic Keep this passion growing

  5. That's a wonderful poem of yours dear Mahalaxmi. Keep on you thoughts flow like a river exposing your hidden talent. All the very best and expect alot from you in the coming days.

  6. Wonderful thoughts presented in superb way..Keep it up

  7. Awesome.Nice flow. Well Written with wonderful thoughts. Keep it going..

  8. Mahalakshmi you are rockstar multitalented your word always inspire me.


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