POETRY : The warrior in me by Persis Koshy

Weary from fighting life's daily battles, 
Pushing myself forward little by little, 
Not comparing, or labelling or trying to belittle, 
Other's life journeys, which might be a steeper climb on an arduous hill. 

Waiting for a new morning to dawn on me,
A day full of discoveries and opportunities, 
Where I can be myself, 
Not hiding bits and pieces and keeping myself all poised. 

There are times when I lose all hope, 
When the struggles seem all too hard to cope, 
When I think how'll I ever survive, 
He reaches out His hands from above and makes me believe, 
That I wasn't meant to survive but thrive. 
What seems so simple to others, 
Can be quite challenging for someone like me, 
For all have their individual strengths and weaknesses, 
If it had not been so, we would never feel the need to reach out, 
And would have ended up as lonely islands.
And when you reach to others, 
You know that you're not the odd one, 
Everyone needs kindness, a listening ear and to be talked to in a gentle tone, 
The war you're waging is not yours alone. 

Wearing different masks in front of others, 
So that they may not have to feel uncomfortable encountering your real self, 
The mask of having it all together,of courage, of self-sufficiency, 
When what we really want to say is, 
I am broken, I am afraid, I need your help!! 

Hurts that come, hurts that stay, 
Wounds that don't heal or ever go away, 
You bloom in spite of them, 
You glow, and like a light house beam, 
And those who are lost, like you once were, 
Don't grope in darkness anymore, 
As you reach out to help. 

A warrior, who didn't think much of herself, 
Who hid her pain and her tears, 
Had learnt to fight and stand for herself, 
And she won not only her own battles, 
But the war for those who were too feeble to fight!

About the poet  
Persis Koshy is a homemaker, living in North-east  India,where her husband is currently posted. 
She is also the mother of a sweet one and half year old boy. Writing poems is her newly discovered passion.


  1. Persis always had a flair for writing. This is her Class XII teacher of Englïsh


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