FICTION : Airhead by Sushma Kolluri


For someone who connects birth and death my birth is still a conundrum. I am mischievous yet gullible, I am lighter yet heavier, a complete enigma. I know every nook of this beautiful earth from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I bring you the beautiful sounds of oceans, of conches, of buzzing bees and roaring volcanoes, of laughing babies and rustling leaves. I carry war cries and painful wails. I have seen everything from the beginning as I am as old as the time itself. I was there to document you evolving into the man you are. I was there to witness mass massacres and greatest acts of human spirit. I am everywhere but nowhere. I reckon everything I touch as my friend, and I treat each friend of mine with equal respect and nothing more. Isn’t it true that one touch of nature makes the whole world kin?

I always provided you with the best of myself, but you never really cared about me unless I carry something harmful or poisonous. Even then it is all about you but never about me. You called me witch and many other names, blamed me for the wildfires and black plagues, when it was truly you behind all those misfortunes. I may be unpredictable, but you are downright cruel. I am always happy for your development even though it was detrimental to my health. Would this superfast communication be possible, had I been a reluctant supporter? You made me unbreathable and foul tasting; how dare you do that to me? I know this sounds like extolling my virtues and a litany of complaints against you, but it is what it is. I hustle, rumble and growl, but you never seem to understand. You treat me as an SEP (I see you Douglas Adams), something you can't see, or don't see, or your brain doesn't let you see, because you think that it's somebody else's problem. Somebody Else’s Problem!! Your brain just edits me out, it's like a blind spot.

With my last breath hanging in the air (pun unintended), I am pleading you stop all this mindless destruction of me and my siblings. I am never a hinderer of growth, for you know this of all the living things. We can truly work together towards a better, brighter future. Can we just define the boundaries in our kinship instead of you encroaching my space? Will you take an oath of responsibility? You and I, we are not different, our coexistence is what brings harmony to nature. You know the destructive power of nature and you were at the receiving end far too many times. You cannot control some things, but can you take control of the things you truly can, not leaving them up in the air. I would really like to say the future looks bright, but I do not think one can see that far through already foggy, smoggy dust filled air. Also, please expunge the word airhead from your vernacular. I know you can do better, for you beat many odds to reach this far.

About the writer : 

Sushma is a programmer when she is not running behind her toddler . She loves reading and is kind of a book snob. Apart from reading she likes walks, music and diys although she is clumsy.
Say hello to her on instagram @sushma_kolluri.


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