POETRY : Free as Air by Madalasa Priya


Crestfallen Breeze unfurled the solaced mountain rocks , 

Knock there to sense  my dismayed melodies, 

Threnody!! Thy sweetest melancholy

Emily !! my heart it couldn't breathe me within;


The windows I lifted regularly to air my room 

Gloom fell over my feet hurting me in disguise 

Despise those corridors of hope,  disappeared ever again

Began not the best pleased , embracing my ruffled fielded fate 


Stood inside the walls of curbed lonely prison, 

I' ve to say my voice, aerate myself before I die ; 

Bye the bounds of love's that made me to live, 

Revive freshness to articulate my thoughts, 

Fought who's world I haven't been for long ; 


Felt emptied in the hues of Colorless realities, 

Formalities of life upbringing my desires 

Hire what I wasn't, of course I trained to survive

Retire my soul as I exhausted in my own breathe

Require for me to step to spark the glow

Far whether I winged to lose conversely to win this naked life 


some reasons to expand my mortal time, I overvalued alloted duration of days

Weighs of overburdened memories bristled my inner peace 

Cease much more my elan in oblation wars

I hated, I raged, I felt unworthy after all 

I offered being a victim, pricing my life, left nothing with me now 


I looked for fresh, I looked for new everytime  I don't get anything I want 

Renew to start something from scratch 

That's what life taught me all about

Still I missed, something I missed but been itemized  in search of delighted urbanity 


Free as Air though we don't see it at all, but I want to be aired  to feel the freedom

Move here and there with no more defines

Trust my instincts that zest my mysteries

Without any cost, I Afford more to live with ecstatic breathes

To feel such like worthy world where I belong to dream hope 

 Again ....

About the poet :
Madalasa Priya uses her writing to heal herself and as part of her speculative, introspective purpose. 


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