POETRY : The reflection and other poems by Tamizh Ponni

This day began like all other days

Taking a long hard look

at the magnificent piece of polished metal

Both the subject and the object

broken and losing their sheen.

Neither a fabricated expression

nor a vinegar, soap water spray

could restore their lost elegance.

Years and years ago,

grandeur and glamour were all it rendered.

While squandering all the precious hours

when the only mess to fret about

was a lonely zit on his swarthy chin.

Times have changed

Predicaments have evolved

Priorities have shifted

Lessons were learnt

Now there’s just one disappointment

standing as a sombre visual

running over the rococo’s surface.

Something wicked from the unknown realm

sneered at him unkindly,

'What a pathetic travesty of youth!

Just a shadow of his former self.'

He is weak, empty, craving for care

But dark as the vast abyss

A camouflaged narcissist!

As the cracks of the fractured glass

branched out to bedeck the boring plane

perfecting his diabolical facade,

the world will never get to know

one frightful naked truth

that he mirror and its muse

were beyond repair and forever scarred.

Moon Girl

Her imperfections looked flawless from afar

Though bonded against her will

to the breeze and black clouds.

She glowed under the borrowed light

Truly sun-kissed

The lone orb of the night

Earth’s solitary satellite

When lonely hearts yearned for closeness,

they gazed up to her and the stars

in the stillness of the angelic night

thinking about their first and last,

calling to mind, their bittersweet past.

She became the transmitter of

hackneyed phrases and lovelorn messages

concocted with worthless words and bogus emotions

at least for the most part.

Oceans,Mountains,Peaks and Valleys,

Shelters and streets,big and small

were embellished with her silver glaze.

Darkness played a primary part

Appearing quiet and queerly nonchalant,

it didn’t need her acceptance

for she’s busy basking in her vainglory.

Pride consumed her long ago.

Although it’s an acquired beauty

with distance and luminescence

concealing her greyish grotesque craters,

there’s no one to stop this radiant shrew .

Through periodic manipulative reshaping,

her beauty takes different forms

like an oriental dancer’s curves

shimmying to the Arabic tunes.

A perverse version of Hide and seek

remains to be her preferred pastime.

She rides and rushes through the skies,

disregarding the world below,

airily asserting to the whole lot,

“I am the only precious thing you’ve got.”

About the poet : 
Tamizh Ponni worked as an International Baccalaureate educator in an International school for 7 years and is currently pursuing her M.Tech, PhD integrated course in Data Science. Tamizh's expertise lies in Tech integration, Professional Development Training and Curriculum development.

Tamizh spends most of her free time painting, reading, writing articles, stories and poems, playing keyboard and watching documentaries/movies.


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