FEATURED WRITER Dheapika V's 'Finding My Home – The Unfolding Journey of Life'

The question of where I truly feel at home has been a continuous puzzle, lingering in my mind for a while. It's a constant whisper, persistently pulling my thoughts. Throughout the years, the definition of home has shifted for me. During my school days, home was the warmth of my family – my parents, sister and grandfather. It was a small world where the air was filled with the delightful aroma of mom's cooking. My dad engrossed in reading newspapers, my grandfather catching up with world events on the news, and my sister immersed in her playtime.

As the years passed, I stepped out of my little cocoon after high school. The first destination was the college hostel rooms, where diverse cultures, ambitions and aspirations converged. The hostel rooms were filled with late-night conversations, laughter, midnight snacks and watching movies painted the picture of my college life. After long hours of lectures and lab sessions, my hostel room transformed into a comforting home, shared with a roommate with whom I exchanged thoughts on random everyday things. In those early years, home went beyond bricks and walls, establishing connections with people from different places. As I closed my academic chapter and packed my boxes, I bid farewell to all the rooms that had become my homes.

The idea that I would not be in this familiar place anymore and that I would be seeking a new home, was hard for me to accept. Moving into the next chapter of work life, discovering new homes and experiences provided me an alternate perspective on the concept of home. When I started earning, the idea of home shifted to a different blueprint; it mirrored the reflection of my hard work and encompassed the independence that financial stability can bring. During this stage, home was a blend of comfort and the ability to create a space that truly felt like my own.

After my marriage, I moved beyond my homeland's borders, and this time, the prospect of building a home with my spouse filled me with excitement. Taking care of minute details and designing the space brought me immense joy. As I go down memory lane, I can recall every minute detail of each little thing I had arranged. The walls displayed framed photographs while the bookshelves claimed their space in the corners. The first plants brought nature indoors, and every nook revealed the crafts and art we meticulously crafted during our leisure moments. 

After having experienced the transition to three distinct homes within five years, moving homes seemed like an endless tale. Now, home to me has become more flexible, emphasizing the importance of being adaptable and discovering the ability to feel at home in different places. Whenever I move, I experience a blend of missing the comfort of my previous homes. Each home brought a broader perspective on life and taught me the value of resilience. While the physical spaces changed, the constant was the evolution of myself- learning and embracing the changing nature of life.

So, what truly constitutes home? It's not just a place just made of bricks and mortar, and it's no longer restricted to a specific address or a set of coordinates anymore.

Home roots us, shaping our stories of who we are. It is the reflection of our identity and the memories we create with our loved ones. Home is a feeling – a sense of belonging, a repository of cherished experiences. Each place I have lived has witnessed a different version of me - childhood playfulness with friends, the quest for independence in my 20s, the embrace of solitude and self-discovery in my 30s. Each residence has been a source of life lessons, moulding me in positive ways.

As I reflect, I find solace in the elements I create that genuinely make me feel at home: the tranquil moments with my morning coffee, the serenity of evening walks, the rhythm of daily routines and the joy of preparing my favourite recipes. As the journey unfolds, I understand that home is not a static point. It's a dynamic evolving force that accompanies me, shapes me and defines my life's purpose. Gratitude for the journey where every home is a chapter in my life's book. Thankful for the past homes that shaped me and looking forward to those ahead.

Finally, I have discovered the meaning of home I was searching for – 
Home is me, a snug corner filled with my story, laughter and dreams.

Author Bio

Dheapika is a graduate student in environmental engineering, merging the realms of science and creativity. Reading and writing are her meditative practices, fueling her passion for crafting nonfiction narratives. She profoundly loves nature, and mountains hold a special place in her heart. Her free time is immersed in arts, crafts and journaling – a connection to her authentic self. 

You can follow her on Instagram at @the_journal_girl 
Dheapika wrote this piece as her final assignment for a six-week Creative Writing Workshop

These are her thoughts on the Writing Workshop and Mentorship :
This workshop not only gave me the confidence in my writing but also equipped me with practical techniques for enhancement. I am grateful for this opportunity to refine my writing skills and this workshop was a worthwhile investment in my writing journey.


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