Editorial : Shweta Ganesh Kumar on 'Air'


Dear Readers, 
Welcome to the eighth issue of Inkspire and the second issue in our ongoing elemental theme. This time our writers will be exploring the theme - ‘Air’

As I opened up submissions, I wondered what the pieces would be about? 
About the actual element that makes life possible? 
About breath? 
About the environment - physical or metaphorical? About the space we hurtle through strapped tightly into metal boxes? How would the writers rise to this challenge?

Well, they did by interpreting it in ways that left me awestruck. As this is an issue with the work of twenty-four writers, I’m going to let their work do the talking now. 

We start with poetry.
Tamizh PonniAbinaya. KIshitv.VatsSwapna SridharMadalasa PriyaDr.ShailjaAaqib Khatibi and Suryendu Chaudhury interpret the theme in myriad ways - each piece thought-provoking in its own way. 

In nonfiction we have Lakshmypriya Sankaran and Senbaga Poonguzhuzhali with their honest and moving pieces on loss and finding themselves respectively. 

Next, we come to the Featured Nonfiction Writers Section -

Trikala writes a piece about 'healing herself one breath' at a timeSeethalakshmi uses the book ‘When Breath becomes Air’ to make sense of loss.

Rathna Prabha pens a poignant piece about the last minutes of a beloved father in ‘Callous Air’.

From this issue onwards, we will also be featuring the fiction stories that get the most comments on the upcoming podcast ‘Storytelling with Shweta’. 

So if you like what you read, remember to leave a comment! As usual, most of the writers in this issue are showing their ruminations, musings and writing to outside readers for the first time. We hope that you will enjoy their takes on the theme and that it will inspire you to perhaps try penning your own takes on the theme. 

I hope that you enjoy this issue and that you will take the time to appreciate the work in the form of a comment or by sharing it on your social network. 

Happy reading! 

Shweta Ganesh Kumar



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